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Best Performing Date Report

Statistics of overall Scores changes of all of your Prospects over selected period of time, helping you identify which day/week/month you got better Scores increased and through which Asset/Campaign.

Total Scores vs Important Scores Report

We advance Pardot default scoring by one level. Here you need to 1st mention which of the Scoring Activity are more important and we give you separate total scores per prospect for those marked important.

Month-wise CTR (Click Through Rates)

Combining the Link Clicks performance across all List Sends, Engagement Journeys, Landing Pages Links, Custom Redirects and Website Links. Customizable for any date range.

Month-wise Open Rates

Combining the Opens/Visits performance across all List Sends, Engagement Journeys, Landing Pages, Custom Redirects and Website Links. Customizable for any date range.

Scoring Categories Wise Revenue Generated

Provided Sales Cloud is connected, through Opportunities Won, this report brings back analysis of Scoring Categories converted into successful wons and earned revenue.

Email Performance Report

Unlike the default Marketing Assets Lists Email report, it is not possible to see Email Sent report at various stages of Engagement Studio in scenarios when same email is sent at multiple steps. This report bifurcates performance report at each stage giving you more insights on how it worked at what step.

Lead Source Wise Reports

One of most useful and fundamental report - Find out how many Visitors and Prospects you have got from all unique incoming Sources. Example, Leads from Websites, Forms, Facebook, Twitter, Google, PPC Campaigns, etc.

Track Account Score Changes Graph

The way captivating Lifecycle Report exists for an individual Prospects, we've brought in the same functionality and Lifecycle Report for Accounts.

Track Social/PPC Footprints

Currently its quite difficult to find total no. of visitors and prospects you have got through your PPC campaigns, this reports brings all these records together and groups them as per tracked PPC Campaign fields.

Advanced Reports

50+ Plug-n-Play Reports immediately available as soon as you connect our App to your Pardot, each Report giving deep insights into your Marketing Campaigns & how you can make them better.


AppExchange App

Install for free from AppExchange onto your Sales or Service Cloud or AppCloud/Platform Editions. We adhere Security Standards & no data is externally shared from your instance


Connect & Sync

From within our App, connect to your Login & configure some more settings required to go one level above Pardot native Reporting capabilities. We have our own way of Scoring mechanism to be configured


Run Reports

You are all set! execute our Reports & find a lot of interesting facts about your Campaigns, Engagement Studios, Visitors, Scores, Forms, Prospects, Accounts, Opportunities, Lead Sources, etc.

Assess, Study And Plan Your Next Marketing Steps

Using core APIs, we dig deep into minute details to find out how overall Pardot worked for you. Which days got you best scores, filter important prospects, consildated open rates, advanced engagement studio analysis, lists performance, and such many more.

See Reports List

Look For Optimization Wherever Is Possible

  • Consider we are generating your true & factual Marketing Balance Sheet or Profit & Loss Account Statement.
  • Connect all dots together from PPC Ads to Visitors to MQL to SQL to Conversions
  • Get report card for each feature used in Pardot & clear guide for way forward
See Reports List


We've kept simple common pricing model for any sized customer, this pricing is per Pardot Org you have with no restriction on number of users using that Pardot. You get all Reports for this same price, along with all new Reports we would keep adding as well. We can surely help you build custom reports specific to your Pardot & Sales/Service Cloud usecases for a fixed price as below.

Just to see what can be achieved


  • All Reports
  • Maximum 1 Month Usage
  • No Data Sync limitations
Complete app with all features


  • All Reports
  • Annual Billing
  • Full Data Sync
  • Free Technical Support
Scope based report development

per custom report

  • Confidential & Customized Report(s)
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Automations
  • Enhanced UI/UX
  • ... Your wish is our command!
  • Note: Having Full version of the App is mandatory before building any custom reports.

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